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Aim & Objective

(a) To levy & collect property tax under Section 113 of the Delhi Municipal Corporation Act, 1957 (as amended from time to time). Property Tax is levied on all lands & buildings in Delhi. There are two components of property tax, namely (a) a building tax; and (b) a vacant land tax. As per section 114A, the building tax shall be equal to the rate of building tax as may be prescribed by the Corporation under section 114D multiplied by the annual value of the covered space of building determined under sub-section (1) of section 116E or section 116F.
(b) To evolve a system of recovery of property tax from property owners falling in the area of NDMC, based on the principal of equity, parity, transparency and justifiability.
(c) To do away with public grievances by a public friendly mechanism without taking recourse to court proceedings, enabling the citizens justice at no cost.
(d) To create a unique culture in the organization in which the employees are prepared to render all possible help to the citizens in all the matters related to property tax.
(e) To make the accessibility of information to the general public about the properties located in NDMC area.