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Details Of Services Rendered

Maintenance of Property Tax related records, help the property owners by guiding them the procedure of filling form and depositing property tax.
Mutation of property - As per Bye Law 3 of the Taxation Miscellaneous Provisions Bye Laws, 1959, the notice regarding transfer of title required to be given under Section 128 shall be either in Form A or Form B (as the case may be), and shall state clearly and correctly all the particulars required by the said form.

a) Whenever the title of any person to any land or building is transferred, both the transferor and transferee shall give notice of such transfer within a period of three months after the execution of the instrument of transfer or after registration / transfer is effected {Sec 128(1)};

b) In case of death of an owner, the person on whom the title devolves shall give notice of such devolution within six months from the date of death of the deceased {Sec 128(2)}