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Licensing Department

In order to control pollution, channelise growth of industry in desirable direction and to keep pace with the requirement of the entrepreneurs, the Parliament of India through sections 416 & 417 of the DMC Act, 1957 (Amended 1993) has made it mandatory on units running with power, mechanical energy or by stream to obtain licence to run them. Here are the guidelines to help the factory owners. The Central Government also made certain modifications, additions to the Master Plan of Delhi; 2001, w.e.f.10th April, 2001. Factory Licensing Department is situated at Old Hindu College Building, Kashmere Gate and it deals with the issue of licences under Sections 416/417 of the DMC Act, 1957 for the units run by power, mechanical energy or by steam, within the Municipal jurisdiction of the MCD. The applications which are received for the grant of new licences and renewal thereof are dealt with by the Department in accordance with the policy laid down by the Corporation/Delhi Govt./Govt. of India from time to time. The following types of licences are issued by the Department : 1. Licences in industrial/conforming areas. 2. Licences in Local Commercial Areas. 3. Licences for Household Categories. Licences falling under categories of urban villages and adhoc nature are not being granted now as per the orders of the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India in the case of M.C. Mehta Vs. UOI & Others. Licences under all categories which are narrated above are granted as per provisions of MPD 2001; instructions of DPCC; various judicial pronouncements; decisions of HPC; terms and conditions of MCD; terms and conditions of land owning authority; guidelines; various instructions issued and policies made from time to time.