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Advertisement Department


1.Aims and objectives of the organization:

  • To allow display of outdoor advertisement in terms of Section 143 of the DMC Act;

  • To check, prevent, remove and prosecute display of advertisements to public view, in contravention of the provisions of DMC Act and Advertisement Bye-laws

  • Collection of Advertisement Tax, as required under Section 142 of DMC Act.

  • Collection of Theatre Tax, as required under Section 140 of the DMC Act.

  • Presently, the department allows display of advertisements. through the following means:-
    • allotment of rights for display of advertisement through kiosks on street light poles existing on MCD roads only on monthly licence fee (MLF) basis;
    • shares 50% revenue with DTC on account of allowing display of ads. on DTC Bus Queue Shelters / Time Keeping Booths;
    • shares 10% revenue, beside advertisement tax, from Northern Railways for allowing display of advertisement to public view, on their lands / properties / structures;
    • shares 10% revenue, beside advertisement tax, from Northern Railways for allowing display of advertisement to public view, on their lands / properties / structures;
    • collects revenue in respect of the toilet blocks / dhalaos constructed on BOT basis against advertisement rights, as per the MOUs/ Agreements executed between the CSE Department and private agencies, w.e.f. 01.04.2004, in terms of the directions of the Commissioner, MCD;
    • with a view to evolve new advertising policy, keeping in view the aesthetic beauty of the city and generation of revenue for the MCD, Urban Graphic Forum comprising of various outsider designers and experts and the officers of MCD, headed by Prof. I.M. Chishti of School of Planning & Architecture, was constituted by the Corporation in April, 2003;;
    • Applications are invited for the registration of advertisers under three different categories, as per the newly adopted registration policy, twice in a year. In the first phase of 2004, in total, 46 advertisers were registered
    • As per interim guidelines provided by UGF, terms & conditions for allotment of the work of maintenance of existing MCD urinals, sub-ways and over-head signages and providing Escalators at the ITO foot over-bridge on BOT/ MOT basis against advertisement rights, have already been finalized and the cases are in the process of inviting tenders;
    • Negotiations were held with the sister departments / agencies identified by the UGF with a view to have tie-ups with them for display of advertisement on their structures / properties / lands on revenue-sharing basis and arrived at an understanding with DDA, ITPO & Noida Toll Bridge Company Ltd.
    • With the recommendations of UGF, the issue of allowing display of advertisement through 'tethered balloons' was taken up with Delhi Urban Art Commission who agreed to consider the cases on site-to-site basis;
    • Due to non-finalization of the proposed fee-structure and the terms & conditions of the agreement to be executed between the MCD and UGF Planning & Consultancy Team, expected results could not be achieved, as yet;
    • In order to overcome the difficulties being faced by the department on account of ambiguity and contradiction in the provisions of DMC Act and the Advertisement Bye-laws, a Committee has been constituted under the orders of the Commissioner for 'standardization of signages' with the mandate to submit its report regarding size, number, location and nature of permissible signages and the measures to regulate them. The department is exploring possibility of earning handsome revenue, on this account


  • Regulation of outdoor publicity within Delhi and generation of revenue for the department.

3.Brief history and background for its establishment

  • As above.

4.Organization Charts:

  • Addl. Commissioner

  • Addl.Dy..Commissioner

  • Commercial Officer

  • Chief Advertisement Inspector

  • Advertisement Inspectors

5. Allocation of business :

The amount collected on account of Monthly Licence Fee, Advertisement Tax and Theatre Tax is deposited in the municipal treasury. It is ensured that the payments are received as per terms & conditions of the contracts/ allotments and action is initiated for recovery against defaulting contractors.

6. Duties to be performed to achieve the mission :

Monitoring and coordinating is being done.

7.Citizens interaction :

As and when any complaint is received from general public, the same is attended immediately and the matter is sorted out amicably.