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Election Office


S. No.




Aims and Objectives of the Organization

To establish Polling Booths for M.C.D. Election, Gurudwara Election, Delhi Assembly election and Lok Sabha Election as per directions of Commissioner, M.C.D., State Election Commission of Govt. of N.C.T. of Delhi, Director of Gurudwara Election, Govt. of N.C.T. of Delhi, Chief Electoral Officer, Govt. of N.C.T. of Delhi, within the scheduled time, as is notified from time to time.



A large number of employees of M.C.D. posted in Election Office, M.C.D., in diverted capacity, is entrusted with the special work i.e. Establishing of Polling Booths, well in time.


Brief history and back-ground for its establishment

The Election Office, M.C.D., came into existence since the formation of Corporation i.e. in 1957 and is working since then regularly.


Organization Charts

1. Commissioner, M.C.D., Over-all Incharge.

2. Addl. Commissioner (Election)

3. Election Officer

4. Supdt./Election, In diverted Capacity.

5. A.C.A./Election.

6. O.I. / Election

7. Two L.D.Cs.

8. One Peon.

9. One Driver along with Vehicle, Posted in Election Office, MCD, in diverted capacity

10. A large number of staff of various categories is got posted in Election office, in diverted capacity, from different Deptts. From time to time.


Allocation of Business

To establish Polling Booths for various elections from time to time as is required.


Duties to be performed to achieve the mission

1 To prepare the list of staff for deployment as Polling Station Incharges, Election Inspectors & other senior officers, as Sector Officers.

2 To prepare Polling Parties

3 To prepare Duty Rosters for establishing each & every Polling Booths.


Details of services rendered

1. Survey of Polling Sites.

2. Making of water arrangement, Sanitation arrangement, Barricading arrangement, Electricity arrangement, Furniture arrangement etc.