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1) Established system for making speedy disbursement of contractor payments. Now onwards payment will be released by HQ directly to the Division which further disburse through RTGS / ECS. The payments were otherwise routed through the Zonal Dy. Commissioners account where delay in disbursement were reported. Bench Mark: From 1st of April 2013, implement the system in one go.

2) Establish the double entry system of accounting in every accounting unit of NDMC. Bench Marks: From 1st of April all recording of transactions and reporting will be under the new system under modified formats. Training will be imparted on:
a) Recording of transactions under the double entry system of accounting.
b) Reconciliation of accounts.
c) Bank reconciliation.
d) Basic computer operations.
e) Preparation of analytical data and utilisation.

3) Strengthen the accounts department by way of Bench Marks:
a) O&M Study.
b) Developing a suitable financial reporting system that helps all departments to monitor the transactions.
c) Introduce e-Governance in accounting and reporting.
d) Impart training to develop manpower skills.

4) Introduce reforms in budget preparation. Bench Marks:
a) Modify budget formats.
b) Introduce system of budgetary planning realistic estimation of budget by departments.
c) Review budget monitoring system.

5) Better fund management through constant monitoring of cash flow. Bench Marks: Establish system of early reporting of income-expenditure. Analyse trends to estimate cash flow Plan the utilisation of funds and prioritise fund requirements. Plug leakages and blocking of funds.

6) Introduction of. outcome budget Bench Marks:
1) The outcome budget will be introduced in NDMC from this year.
2) The key departments that utilises plan outlay will be covered in first phase.
3) The final outcome budget for the year 2008-09 will be tabled along with the budget proposals of next year.

7) Bring economy in spending:
a) The spending will be closely monitored.
b) The departments will be alerted with the findings.
c) Strict measures will be suggested to effect savings.