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Function of Department

Functions of Addl. Director (Homoeo) Office

1.   Providing Medicines to Dispensaries: - Homoeopathic Department is running 24 dispensaries under it and it is the prime responsibility of the office to provide necessary medicines to all the dispensaries in time to enable them to treat patients and provide medicines free of cost. To provide medicines we have centralized purchase department, which procures the medicines and distributes them to various dispensaries depending upon their requirement.

2.  Co-ordination between the North Delhi Municipal Corporation Office and Homoeopathic Dispensaries: - Addl. Director (Homoeo) Office is also the co-ordination department which facilitates the officers and employees of the department and various other departments of North Delhi Municipal Corporation.

3. Processing of salary of the staff working at Addl. Director (Homoeo) Office and Dispensaries: - Salaries of all the employees of the dispensary and Addl. Director (Homoeo) Office are processed till it is disbursed by Addl. Director (Homoeo) Office.

4. Providing Homoeopathic medicines to retired and eligible regular employees of North Delhi Municipal Corporation: - As per the scheme of North Delhi Municipal Corporation, it procures and provides medicines to all eligible retired and regular employees at Homoeopathic Dispensary in GLM Hospital.

5. Supervision over the working and maintenance of the dispensary: - This office also ensures smooth working of the dispensaries as per the prescribed norms of the department.

Opening of new Homoeopathic Dispensaries: - The department plans and takes all necessary actions for opening of new dispensaries as per the requirement.