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Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Medical officer

a. Attending the patients coming to dispensary for treatment and prescribing necessary medicines as available in stock and the required investigations.

b. Providing preventive measures and educating the patients about Health, Hygiene, Diet etc.

c. Supervising and responsible for all other records and stocks relating to dispensary.

d. Looking after all the administrative work of the dispensary.

e. Sending reports/information as asked by the Addl. Director (Homoeo) or any other Higher Authorities.

  1. Pharmacist

a. Dispensing of medicines as prescribed by Medical Officer in charge of the dispensary.

b. Maintaining records and stocks of the dispensary such as stock register, assets register etc.

c. Performing any other duty assigned by the Medical Officer Incharge commensurate with the nature of work.

  1. Duties of ANM

a. Assisting doctors in examining the patients.

  1. Medical Officer In-Charge, Central Homoeo Store

a. Compiling detailed requirements of dispensaries for medicines, medical instruments, furniture & other assets and other consumable items required at dispensaries.

b. Arranging quotations by tendering, comparing prices and placing orders for procuring items.

c. Distributing items procured as per the requirements of various dispensaries.

Supervising the records of Central Homoeo Store. (C H S).