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Welfare Scheme

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1. Welfare Scheme

(a) Financial Assistance

Labour Welfare Department grants financial assistance to the Municipal employees and other dependence for serious/prolonged illness, accidental injuries, sickness or death while in service. The deptt. Has Staff Welfare fund Board under the chairmanship of Chief Labour Welfare Officer with Addition M.H.O (G.D), Director (P), ACA (Budget), & AC(L) asmembers to recommended /sanction for financial assistance.

(b) Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme

Benefits under this scheme are admissible in the event of death of any Municipal employee who has put in at least 5 Years of service. The extent of financial assistance depends on the balance of provident fund A/C of the concerned employee during the last 3 years preceding the date of death. The balance in the GPF A/C of employees should not be less than Rs 12000/-, Rs 9000/-, Rs 3500/- and Rs 2500/- in respect of group A,B,C, and D categories of employees respectively. The maximum amount to be paid in this categories is Rs. 60,000/-

(c) Financial assistance for Cremation

A financial assistance of Rs 500/- is given by Labour Welfare department in the event of death of a Municipal employees for the purpose of funeral.

(d) Prolonged Illness

Under this scheme financial assistance is granted to Municipal employees who suffer from prolonged illness to the extent of wages @ 3 months basic pay + DA to regular employees and actual loss of the wages in the case of daily wager. The Staff Welfare Fund Board decides such cases by conducting meeting under the chairmanship of Chief Labour Welfare Officer.

(e) Workmen Compensation

Certain categories of employees falling under the workman compensation Act 1923 are given compensation in the event of accident while performing their duties.The Labour Welfare Department process such cases in consultation with Chief Law Officer and Account Officer to calculate the amount of compensation which is recommended to be paid by the concerned deptt. to the workman or his dependents.

(f) Scholarship


The Labour Welfare Department also arranges the scholarship to the meritorious children of class III and IV employees every year starting from class VI to higher technical/professional courses.