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Land and Estate



(A). Revenue generation by way of charging rent, lease money, Teh Bazari, conversion charges, Licence Fee, Damage Charges etc of land.

(B). To keep a record of MCD properties generally excluding the portion of roads.

(C). Confirmation of ownership of MCD as per available record.

(D). To verify ownership of land in case of LOSC/BPC if referred to Land & Estate.


 i) To maintain proper and organized record of Lands & Built-up properties of Municipal Corporation of Delhi.

ii) To accommodate the Mpl. Employees.

iii) Allot land to various Local bodies such as DJB, DMRC, NDPL, MTNL etc. on Institutional rates.

iv) To maintain the record of `Wilson Survey Report` of walled city of 1910-1911.