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Planning and Monitoring Department


The Municipal Corporation of Delhi spreads over an area of 1438.51 Sq. Km. which is approximately 97% of the total area of GNCTD. The primary responsibility of the Corporation is to provide basic amenities to their citizens and also enhance infrastructure facilities as per requirement of the area. The various plan schemes are being implemented for development of the Infrastructure facilities in the area as per the requirement/necessity of the local people.

MCD is one of the nodal deptt. for GNCTD for execution of all the matters entrusted with the responsibility for monitoring and supervising of the plan schemes.The success of the Plan schemes/work lies in the effectiveness of its implementation and targeted planning. To achieve such objectives, MCD has constituted a separate Planning & Monitoring Department about three decades back.

The work of the Planning & Monitoring deptt. is of perennial nature and deptt. is charged with the onerous responsibility of planning, coordination, monitoring and also supervising the implementation of the various plan schemes of MCD and also in coordinating with different deptts. of MCD inter-alia, it also interacts with concerned outside deptts. like U.D, Finance, Planning, SC/ST/OBC etc. for furnishing various financial statements and information called by these deptts. Presently, the each plan implementing deptt of MCD vis. Engg., Health, Education, Horticulture, DEMS, IT, CSD, Veterinary, TYADB & RDB has its own plan cell. P&M deptt. keeps regular liaison with these plan cells.

The implementation of the plan schemes starts from the very first day of the Annual Plan and number of preliminary steps are taken up for the proper execution of the work. The deptt. is liable to submit various reports viz. Plan review meetings, monthly/quarterly/annually physical achievements & financial expenditure progress report, Annual Action Plan, Annual Plan (write-up), Appraisal of Annual Plan, Scheme–Wise Revised Outlay, scheme wise Budget Estimates, Outcome Budget, Economic Survey, Special Central Assistance to Scheduled Caste Sub Plan, and formulation of 12 five year plan etc.

The approved outlay for each year during the currency of five year plan is determined annually by the Delhi Govt. and simultaneously a similar exercise is carried out by the P&M deptt. In addition P&M deptt. is charged with the responsibility of submission of physical and financial achievements to the Delhi govt. at the time of release of quarterly funds. Progressive figures of expenditures incurred month wise in r/o each scheme and sector are maintained and transmitted to GNCTD. For this purpose interaction is made quite frequently with the executing deptts.

Although the Plan and Monitoring Deptt. is not a revenue yielding Deptt. but the role of the deptt. is very vital in co-ordinating various activities of all the plan schemes of MCD with the GNCTD. We cannot think of proper monitoring of plan schemes without Planning & Monitoring deptt. Monitoring & Co-ordination are two wheels of planning. Disciplined planning is the nerve of this deptt. Thinking MCD without P&M deptt. lacks the close monitoring as well as co-ordination with plan implementing deptts. Target fixed for Annual Plans & Five Year Plans will not be successful achieved without this deptt. This is the only deptt. in MCD which ensure liaison with nodal deptts. of MCD as well as with GNCTD. Without this deptt. the pace of progress of plan works will be affected. Therefore, efforts are also being made to evolve a system of regular flow of relevant information for effective and result oriented planning. With systematic and integrated planning target of the schemes are achieved well in time. This way MCD plays vital role in providing better civic facilities and development works.

During the 11th five year plan under annual plan 2011-12 an allocation of Rs. 148600.00/- lacs has been allocated to MCD for execution of plan schemes.