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Standard Operating procedure (SOP) for Domestic Breeding Checkers (DBC)

  • DBC has to greet the owner of the house and to show Identity card and then explain the purpose of visit before entering the premises
  • DBC has to check each and every container in and around the house/construction sites eg Coolers, Refrigerator defrost tray, AC vents, Feng-sui, Flower pots and plates beneath pots, Plastic containers, Over head Tanks, Bird Pots, Haudi, Fountains, Underground tanks, any other water collection source etc.
  • DBC has to show potential sites for mosquito breeding or breeding (if found) to members of the households/premises
  • Application of larvicides, if needed
  • Signature on stencils
  • Distribution of IEC materials as per requirement
  • If breeding found than DBC has to take steps to destroy it and to report circle in-charge to issue notice or challan